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egad, what works of art.

Question: is there such an animal as a white and cobalt paver? I mean only opaque white and translucent cobalt. Nothing else. If the marble in question walked like a duck, quacked like a duck, but was opague white and cobalt, would it be a paver or a Cut 9 Tail?
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A couple more interesting examples..
Thanks for checking them all out .. Smile

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The first three examples have some nice blended action Smile imho, blended bricks are by far more coomon then actual mlticolored examples...

I love the way the oxblood dives in the blue n green example, in hand it appears pink and lavender in places.... giving it even more colors.

A nice blue streak ..
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This example has one tiny spot where the green has made itís way to the surface. It might be loaded with green below the surface.


brian graham
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I want it
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And sometimes they can have a few colors in them. My favorite for now. Peace,Galen
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This does not belong too me!

Although, EyE can dream canít eYe Smile

perhaps more rare than any c.a. box. Not that it really matters, just trying to give it some perspective in how many m.f.c boxes are around compared to other companies examples.

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ok tough guy Smile

I wanna see you get out of that straight jacket after drinking a six pack

Buddy makes me smile everyday ...well everyday that he posts!!!!

roany poany
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BT wrote:

The more I learn about marbles, the more I learn, that I need to learn more about marbles. Smile

I think itís fair to assume that with m.f.c. bricks there may be a much smaller range of variation than with many other categories of marbles. True or not I certainly would not argue about it either way ...Smile Marble are like politics .... for the most part itís not worth arguing about because chances are most people have already made up their minds .... That being said, for me discussing marbles is more about communicating the shared experience in ways that are fun and productive vs. a matter of who is right and who is wrong. Smile

Many bricks have green. I once had the opportunity to take pictures of a large amount of dug bricks, brick halves, and brick pieces and I was amazed to observe how many of them had green in the matrix, never even making it to the surface of the marble.

As for my blue green brick it truly a brick??? Semantics is a wonderful thing. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I call it a multicolored opaque with oxblood ..... because it appears to be opaque to the naked eye. Although, when backlit it reveals a transparent base. .... but since nobody I know calls any m.f.cís multi - colored transparents I called it an opaque .... hows that for convoluted lol..!!! Anyway, the rest of the week I call it a blue and green brick because of the oxblood. Smile

So when does a marble become a brick and when does it become a multicolored opaque or transparent .... itís in the range of variation and that criteria may vary from collector to collector ....

To make things even more confusing the marble in my avatar is called a m.f.c. moss agate ... it goes without saying that it is in no way similar to what we think of when one says moss agate! Especially considering itís not an akro marble. My good friend Brian Graham may be able to tell us the history of the genesis of the name as it was used by the m.f.c company. They are actually more of a gun metal gray then green. There are bricks with other colors then oxblood, with or without white and black but they are very rare marbles and when they do become availble to buy it is usually done so in private transactions.

In the end ... whatís in a name. Whether it be a name the company created or those created by collectors .... I canít answer that question because itís of little consequence too me.

I just like pretty marbles , especially hand gathered examples and or bluezngreenz ..... whatz in a name

Is anyone interested in seeing all of my bluezngreenz marbles. I have posted them on Louís board before but not here yet. A lot of us have seen them before although, there are new collectors joining all the time .... Bo, and Buddy wanna have some fun again .....and I would encourage anyone to join in. Itís not about the value or the images, itís about the shared experience!!! What a great hobby!!!

Could the Admins rig it so the entire quote above is included in the welcome letter?

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